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Dawn started practicing photography in Phoenix in the early 2000’s on 35mm film, photographing bands in the local club scene. While attending the College of Urban Design at Arizona State University, she did several promo shoots for entertainers, as well as the album cover for country artist Joe Gaspard. In 2012, Dawn moved to Elko from Arizona and began her work with local theater as an actor and a designer. Primarily known for her work as a lighting designer, Dawn was recently able to reinvigorate her passion for photography, drawing on the works of great queer artists like Claude Cahun and Nan Goldin. In 2019, she began her series of Macabre Elko postcards, that to date have only had two printed. She also started a project chronicling Elko night life in a photojournalist style, as well as another project exploring gender roles through nude black and whites.

Aside from photography, Dawn is an advocate for the transgender community and a stand-up comedian. She uses her time on stage to discuss what it means being trans in a rural town, and hopes to expose more people to queer culture in an inclusive and loving manner.

Her current project is related to her postcard work. She hopes to sell enough postcards to afford printing all five, then moving on to full magazines that are along the same themes. She plans to one day have a full art installation of postcards, magazines, and newspapers containing nothing, but bizarre Lovecraftian stories paired with seemingly stock images, combining her love of writing, photography, and design into an uncanny valley otherworldly display of experiential art.

Dawn is not currently available for commercial work and all sales of her photography will go strictly into funding future projects.

Dawn Viola